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They Are The Cue-Cards For The Stories You’ll Tell.

The Blackberry Cottage

Sometimes you just need to get away to unwind.  Leave all your distractions behind, sleep late and relax.  The Blackberry Cottage sleeps up to 4 adults with its beautiful king-sized bed and sleeper sofa.   The bathroom offers a large stand-up shower and the kitchenette has a stove with oven, microwave and a Keurig pod coffee maker.  The dining table is hand made and has live edges on two sides.

The Forest Cottage

When it’s just you and your spouse and you’ve had a wonderful day in Waco, come home to a large walk-in shower and enjoy a cup of SleepyTime tea on the deck.  Or, watch for the beautiful Painted Buntings from the king-sized bed or the loveseat. Your cottage has an eight foot wide window so you can enjoy the birds, squirrels and the forest.  Don’t worry, the blinds ensure your complete privacy.

Local Places You May Not Know About

Cupp's Drive Inn

Hometown Greasy Hamburger That Has Fed Generations Of Baylor Students

Step back in time to a diner that has fed generations of Baylor students.  The grill line is a study in perfection and it should be as long as its been there!

Alpha Omega Mediterranean Grill & Bakery

If you’re looking for Mediterranean food, Waco has two good places, Alpha Omega and Dees.  Alpha Omega has more variety but it’s loud on a crowded night.  I love their fried cheese.

Café Homestead

Cafe Homestead

Homestead Heritage is like stepping back to a more civil and creative time.  And their Cafe is rated number one on TripAdvisor.

Ninfa's Waco


One of Donna and my favorites for Mexican food.  Some love it.  Some . . .

The Pictures You Take

Are Just The Que Cards

For The Stories You Can Tell


A ricochet point that speaks "Relax"

These two cottages bring you close to all that’s good in Waco.

So, after you have walked until you are about to drop,

come home to snuggle down and get recharged

’cause tomorrow’s coming.

Blackberry Cottage

Blackberry Cottage

Cottage for up to 4 adults

“Just don’t let it look like it came as a kit from a big box lumber yard.”  That was the goal all along.  If it reminds you of stepping into a rehabbed old castle, mission accomplished.  The need for privacy and all the creature comforts a couple or small family can have goes a long way in accomplishing whatever goals go with “getting away from it all.”  Guests love this place.  We hope you will too.

Forest Cottage

Forest Cottage

An intimate cottage for a single or couple

“‘Tis a gift to be simple, ‘Tis a gift to be free . . . ”  So goes the old Shaker Hymn and that’s what we had in mind with the Forest Cottage.  It is Shaker inspired complete with Shaker pegs but the overarching goal here is intimate and simple.  This house is made for a single or a couple and it is a place I’d like to set the iPod (provided) on “easy listening” and watch the sunrise’s glow increase until I can see the hummingbird coming for at charge of sugar water.  That’s the way to start a day.

Doug and Donna Saylor


May We Introduce Ourselves?

We’re Doug and Donna Saylor.

Hi, I’m Doug and my real job is as a graphic designer but I’ve always toyed with the idea of being an innkeeper.  The challenge of anticipating what guests are looking for and trying to provide it in a tasteful way is something I enjoy.  The Forest Cottage used to be my office.  My desk was under the 8′ window and it provided many hours of the most incredible bird watching you could imagine.

The Blackberry Cottage started as a classroom building for a church down the street.  They wanted to expand and offered the building if someone could move it.   We tore out walls and started thinking about what would make for a wonderful stay.  I was exposed to some work by a designer from Brussels who made things look old and simple.  I couldn’t describe what I was looking for in wall texture so I just started experimenting and eventually taught our contractor’s guys how to do it.  It’s labor intensive–enough so that it was beyond me.  I hope you like it.

Donna and I have been married for 45 years in July of 2017. Her real job is wife, mom and grandma. Too, she helps out at the Gift Barn two days a week. She is the “refiner” and keeps some of my wilder ideas in check.  She also provides support when I want to try an idea that is not conventional but is worth a try–like the flat black ceiling in the Blackberry Cottage. Or, putting 30 can lights in the Blackberry Cottage.  She takes the lead on the outside.  Our landscaping is certainly not complete but you can see where some of it is going.  Like the archway over the sidewalk to the Forest Cottage has English Ivy and Carolina Jasmine planted and is begging to completely cover it.  It’s going to be beautiful.  And the blackberry vineyard . . .  It may be a work in progress but it’s going to be a thing of beauty and inspiration.  Not to mention a ton of blackberries.




Chip and Joanna Gaines, daddy and mommy to The Fixer Upper

Say what you want to say, but Magnolia has changed Waco.  Some might say for the worse, but I don’t see it that way.  Most of our guests are coming because of the Gaines’ impact on this little town.  I’ll admit I’m not a TV guy so I’m not as familiar with them as many of you are.  But I do see the quality of people who are attracted to them and their business.  And they (you) are the kind of people who are kind, humble and gentle.  And I mean that in its most positive light.  They’re genuinely good people.  Kinda like I suspect the Gaines’ are.  Here’s a great article by the Wacoan, a local magazine.


…by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment…

Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas and affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Baylor is both the state’s oldest institution of higher learning and the world’s largest Baptist university. Established to be a servant of the church and of society, Baylor seeks to fulfill its calling through excellence in teaching and research, in scholarship and publication, and in service to the community, both local and global. The vision of its founders and the ongoing commitment of generations of students and scholars are reflected in the motto inscribed on the Baylor seal: Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana — For Church, For Texas.

Homestead Heritage

Brazos De Dios “The Arms of God”

Homestead Heritage is just down the road.  You can be there in 2 minutes from our cottages.  It is an intentional Christian community that started in “Hell’s Kitchen” in New York City.  From that unlikely start, it has grown to about 1,000 members and has sister communities in Monterey Mexico, Deary Idaho, Big Timber Montana, Nicholsville Virginia, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa.  Their Cafe Homestead is consistently ranked number one by travel services such as TripAdvisor. You can visit their website, find out what others have to say or, just go by.

Heritage Overnight