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heritage overnight

The Blackberry Cottage (shown) and the Forest Cottage are two tiny homes in Waco that are clean, comfortable and purposely NOT like your typical hotel room.

Blackberry Cottage

Only 488 sq.ft.  The Blackberry Cottage is a warm and inviting shelter for one to four adults.  There is a king bed and a queen make-down sofa, one bathroom and a kitchenette. Good WiFi but no TV.

Forest Cottage

The Forest Cottage is only 288 sq.ft. It boasts a king bed and is inspired by Shaker simplicity.  One bathroom with a large shower, a microwave and refrigerator.  Good WiFi and no TV.

“When I called my mom to tell her about our trip, she asked what all we were going to do.  I told her we were enjoying the Forest Cottage so much, it was hard to leave!”

Spencer & Janae


“We loved our stay! Your cottage was perfect for ancestry work…although we did get a bit distracted because we wanted to birdwatch and explore homestead…our meal was delicious! We will be back again and will recommend your place to friends!

Amy and Linda

Round Rock and Weatherford

Close by . . .

Waco is changing and there’s more to do than ever before.  Take a look at these to help you get started.


Chip and Joanna Gains have created a following that brings in over 35,000 people per week.

Homestead Craft Village

The home of Cafe Homestead, Waco’s #1-rated cafe, it is also an inspirational and educational stop


Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas and affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Baylor is both the state’s oldest institution of higher learning and the world’s largest Baptist university. — For Church, For Texas.

Doug Saylor

Hi!  Donna and I want to extend a genuine hand of welcome.

Here’s a little bit of my story:  Donna and I have been married for 46 years and have three grown and married kids who all live within a few miles of our house. I sold our youngest child the sprinkler business we started in 1991 and retired–sorta. I do graphic and web design and help Donna with the cottages.

We moved here because we were looking for more in our Christian faith.  I asked everyone I knew, “Why don’t we see the power of God  in the church like we see in the Bible?”  That search lead us to Waco and to our church. So, we think this place is pretty special.

If you make it over to Homestead Craft Village, please go through all the craft shops and consider taking whatever classes interest you. My favorite is the Basket Shop (and I have a few baskets I’ve made to prove it). Too, Cafe Homestead is rated no.1 by Trip Advisor, Yelp and others, so, it might be worth a try.

That’s a little bit about me.  How about you?

Donna Saylor

I’m the “Mom” side of the family and also want to thank you for your interest in our little houses.

Everyone assumes I’m the decorator of the houses but that was all Doug’s doings.  I want everyone who comes to stay with us to feel special and that is something I try to carry out however I can.  I try to welcome everyone with a personal note and I feel a connection to our guests through that.

My latest role is “Grandma” and I love it.  Caleb is almost 4 and is old enough to help me in the garden and the blackberry vineyard.  It’s exciting to see his eyes open wide in surprise when he discovers something new or even with a regular task like gathering the eggs.

I play the French Horn in our orchestra and practice every day (pretty much), so, if you hear some honking somewhere in the distance, it’s not a moose!  Actually, I try to practice only when our guests are out.

If you’re coming to stay with us and it is some special occasion, please let us know.  We want your stay here to be all you want it to be and more.